Sorority Pledge

Kenna Kane and Ariel Rose have a little surprise for there newest pledge, Sayra Von. And it involves a lot of fucking sucking and pussy eating. Hey, this g...

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Holly West Doesn't Resect Marriage

John here is happily married. And he would never put his marriage in jeopardy. That is until Holly West walked into the room. Who can resist Holly's gorgeo...

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Brooke Haven Needs A Doctor

It's doctors that get all the pussy, not male nurses. It turns out that it's this male nurse's lucky day because Brooke is horny and needs to see a medical...

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Paging Nurse Ava

We're not gonna lie here. Ava Devine is not a great nurse. She doesn't seem to have any medical training at all. But she does have a line of male patients ...

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Kendra Has A Change Of Plans

That selfish husband of hers! Kendra was all ready to go on the town with her husband when he canceled at the last minute to hang out with his friends. Wha...

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Daisy Lives The American Dream

It was a tough journey for Daisy coming to America. She used to spend her days in the hot sun picking fruit twelve hours a day. But now just look at her! D...

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Fuck On The Stairs

Ariel Rose is new to the business but don't tell her that. This little Asian queen is racking up dick and pussy faster than you can say "cum on my face!" T...

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Brownie Deluxe In The Mix

Plain and simple, a fat cock needs a phat booty and Brownie has a handle on that. Skinny girls can be intimidated but a girthy ebony weapon like what this ...

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Bobbi Brixton Is Good At Things

Bobbi is filling in for her mom and cleaning this guys house, but there is one problem. She absolutely sucks at house keeping. It's a damn good thing that ...

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Miss Cloe Busts The Perv

After Miss Cloe got done playing with herself and took a shower she headed back to her room where she found some dude going through her clothes! I seems Mi...

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Andrea Needs A Tutor

Andrea has never been a good student but that's not her fault. Her parents probably didn't give her enough Ritalin or something. And now Andrea is trying t...

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Brooke Taylor's Parents Are Away

Brooke is a bad girl that's craving a big black cock. Her parents are out for the night so she knows that this is her shot. Why did she have to have the ho...

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